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2020 Big Announcement!

We are now 5 (including our furry baby, Brownie)!

We have welcomed our baby girl (Gemma) in April. Gemma has brought so much joy and love into our family in the middle of a pandemic. I am excited to change our website to Fina+Gemma, in lieu of Finatastics.

Fina (our 5 year old) adores her baby sister, she would sings and plays with Gemma, and Gemma always smiles whenever she sees Fina. Their bonds are undeniable, their love for each other are something I never experienced (I am the only child), and so glad I have a chance to witness.

Though it is stressful having a newborn during COVID19, I am glad we get to spend every minute together as a family during shelter-in-place. I hope we get to share our joy with our friends and family very soon.

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