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Spring Break Before the Fever

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We started Spring Break with Messy Art Fest at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. It was our first time at the festival and we had a blast!

We've played with slime, pastel art, spray bottle painting, chalk art, shaving cream art and so much more. To be honest, one afternoon was definitely not enough.

We've stayed home Monday, as the rain came back, but off we go again to Berkeley Kids Gym on Tuesday. But since the weather is still rainy, the gym was packed with people and we had to circle the area for 30 minutes before finding a parking spot 4 blocks away. To my surprise however, we found one of the best brunch spots in the Bay Area across from where we parked. 900 Grayson! So we got ourselves some chicken waffles after Fina was completely burnt out and hangry from the gym.

Finally a non-rainy day on Wednesday, so we took the train and head to Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco. We spent the whole day at the museum and Fina enjoyed the karaoke the most, Let It Go was playing at the music studio for hours, I guess all the kids want to be Elsa too.

OMCA (Oakland Museum of California) on Thursday, one of our favorite museums, we checked out a new art exhibition and enjoyed some outdoor time at the garden. Another full day spent at the museum.

Helping around the house on Friday, we removed a 60+ year old mirror (from the last owner of the house) from a half-bath and Fina helped us repainted the wall.

Early Easter Egg Hunt with Eggster on a summer-like Saturday. They had marching band and lion dance performances, dozen of booth with kids activities, face painting, and egg hunt.

That was our week, we hope your Spring Break was as colorful as ours, and stay healthy, our doctor said there's a spring virus going around and unfortunately Fina was down with fever for the whole week after the break. xoxo

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